Statement by Nori: "Real estate is a continuing thread in my life. Since 1989, I've taken care of a series of properties, including three large commercial properties. When I got my real estate license in 2006, it was the culmination of seventeen years of experience. After that I was a Realtor for seven years, serving on the local Realtor education committee and legal committee, and started my own real estate school. I spent several years in residential resale, then in 2010 got my current job teaching real estate at Mesa Community College."

Nori Muster
(480) 275-7889; norimuster at gmail
P.O. Box 41750, Mesa, AZ 85274

1989-1999 - Landlord of 6900 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038, a 10,000 sq. ft. studio building in Hollywood.

1990 - Landlord of a vacation beach house in Lincoln City, Oregon.

1990-2006 - Landlord of a single family home in Downtown Eugene, Oregon (Trustee after sale to tenants).

1997 to present - Landlord of a 2,000 sq. ft. single family home in Tempe, Arizona.

2005 - Property manager of Tempe Cottages, an 18-unit apartment community, 2301-2309 College Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85282.

2006 - Earn real estate license and join SEVRAR; work in residential resale for seven years, including two years with Century 21.

2006 - SEVRAR Government Affairs Committee.

2009-2015 - helped renovate a lakefront condominium property (see photos below).

2009 - Earn e-Pro designation from NAR.

2010 - Establish real estate school to teach continuing education; become an adjunct professor teaching real estate law at Mesa College.

2010 - SEVRAR Education Committee.

2011-present - Real Estate instructor at Mesa College; property management.


New Life for a 2.75 Acre Waterfront Community
Renovation Project of a Worthy 1975 Multifamily Community (index)
Presentation by Nori Muster, real estate agent*
(480) 275-7889; contact[at]
P.O. Box 41750, Mesa, AZ 85274

New Lighting
March 14-17, 2011


new lamps

After having this on the list for several years, the board approved lamps from Lowes home store that fit our tastes and our budget. We bought a total of sixty-one fixtures.

old lamps     old lamps

new lamps

Here's our old hardware, notice all the various styles of lamps that had accumulated over thirty-five years. Now all the fixtures match and all the bulbs are fluorescent or LED. This has lowered our utility bill.


new lamps

new lamps

new lamps

new lamps

Parking Lot Work
April 12, 2011

Good news for the community! We got beautiful new parking lots!


Renovation of Pool Deck
August-September 2013

The pool deck had never been coated since it was built. We used Olympic Rescue It! Wood and Concrete Resurfacer to erase thirty-eight years of wear.








Clubhouse Door Repairs







Renovate Buckled Sidewalk Area


This buckling sidewalk (above) was removed in 2012. This is how it looks now (below).


Renovate Blue Awnings


Damaged awnings (before, above). Wood replaced or repaired, and painted (after, below). The property has seven of these awnings.


Upstairs Walkway Renovation

The biggest project was renovating the upstairs sidewalks. The condos have three thousand square feet of upstairs sidewalks. The work started August 29, 2011, and continued through the end of the year.








Above: contractors dig out dry rotted plywood. Next three photos show the large staircase near the pool entrance. It lacked flashing, so water got in over many years, causing dry rot. The entire structure was gutted and replaced.





Bridge to Unit 215 (below): years ago, the landlords of this unit had cut into the deck coating to install tile. The entire area around this tile was dry rotted and had to be gutted and replaced.






More photos of the completed upstairs walkways, January 2012.



Roof Line Repairs
Repairs to fix a leaky roof in February 2009. The roof had gaping holes behind the gutter. This is how we fixed it.






Landscape Updates - Before Photos







In 2009 we worked with the landscapers to the oleanders grow out to trim them into trees. February through March 2013, our landscapers created several more trees. This process will take place again February-March 2014.

Landscaping After Photos






Deferred Maintenance Index
Following is a partial list of all the items we repaired between 2009-2013.

New Lighting, March 14-17, 2011
Parking Lot Work, April 12, 2011
Renovation of Pool Deck, August-September 2013
Clubhouse Door Repairs, August-September 2013
Renovate Buckled Sidewalk Area, 2012
Renovate Blue Awnings, 2011
Upstairs Walkway Renovation, August 29, 2011 - January 11, 2012
Roof Line Repairs, February 2009
Landscape Updates, all years
2015 and Beyond, latest before and after photos
Added ten tons of top soil to depleted planters, fall 2012
Clean and paint balcony wall and patio walls in the 108-208 entrance
Clean and paint three metal water main covers near driveway
Clean glass lenses in pool area pocket lights.
Clean gutters and cut back trees when necessary.
Clean, scrape, and paint pool gates and other metal gates and railing
Convert all spotlight fixtures to one bulb (instead of two or three bulbs).
Cover out-of-code electrical outlet under faucet by pool equipment closet
Fix fluorescent lamps in mailbox and pool area.
Fix loose pool railing near deep end.
Fix patio gates on units 108, 109, 119, 117, pool area, and others
Fix plumbing in vacant unit #220 to prevent water damage, detach gutter pipe from going through the west wall out on the balcony to prevent water damage.
Fixed foot lamps that had broken off, or been kicked, or hit with lawn mowers. Many of these had live wires. Remove damaged light fixtures and installed proper caps to bring the electrical up to code. There were several along the perimeter on Sandpiper, one near the pool area, two on the south pool gates, and one near unit 110.
Identify and remove rusted out water heater in clubhouse.
Identify and repair three electrical conduits that were hanging off the wall, causing a hazard. Two in parking lot and one near unit 119.
Install a switch to override electric eye on outdoor lighting
Install hose racks in pool area and near unit 101
Install solar lights in pool area.
Install two doggie stations—plastic bag dispensers for dog walkers.
Locate and caulk bee entry holes.
Parking lots: move unwanted clutter to dumpster area, parking spots, stairwells. Throw large items left near dumpster (nearly every month).
Patch and paint stucco cracks along retaining walls and patio walls.
Patch stucco holes and cracks around property (ongoing)
Patch stucco holes from awnings, TV cables, etc., in approximately twenty areas
Patch stucco to block bee entrance in numerous locations
Power wash cobwebs around pool entrance, breezeways, parking lots.
Preserve blue wooden awnings: sand, replace any rotted beams, elastomeric coating
Purchase new pool furniture
Rebuild pool due to leaks in pool walls
Recoat flat roofs and parapets. Rehung pool gate to unit 117 so it would stop breaking loose.
Remove and replace security gates on unit 214 for walkway work
Remove bent metal slats from wooden awnings.
Remove gutter pipe that was leaking into unit 120; stucco patch hole
Remove tattered awning from abandoned/foreclosed unit 218.
Remove two post lamps where the electrical was dead.
Renovate stucco wall in front of unit 104
Renovate stucco wall on main street
Repair block wall and replace broken blocks after parking lot accident
Repair chronic water leaks in unit 213
Repair door jam, unit 216.
Repair gate latch on unit 108.
Repair gutter near unit 215 roofline after storm damage
Repair hinge on 117 pool gate
Repair plumbing leak and drywall repair between units 201-101
Repair plumbing leak inside ceiling/floor of units 204-104
Repair plumbing leak inside walls at unit 222
Repair pool gate so it slams properly.
Repair shorts in the electrical behind four wall sconces.
Repair stucco after several parking lot nicks
Repair stucco around window of unit 213 to prevent water entry
Repair water leak and replace plywood in 218-219 common area overhang
Repairs to perimeter wall
Replace broken utility boxes near driveways
Replace chipped tread on staircase by unit 219
Replace clubhouse lockset to prevent unauthorized entry.
Replace damaged (new) lamp on 112 patio
Replace pool gate hinge
Replace post lamp near dock
Replace rotted wood around clubhouse foundation
Replace several broken pocket light lenses in parking lot and pool area.
Replaced plate covers on foot lamps
Reposition sprinklers away from renovated stucco walls on the street and in front of 104
Scrape and paint discolored areas of the perimeter wall
Scrape and paint falling stucco on the parking lot side of the perimeter wall.
Scrape and prepare blue metal gates for painting
Several of the metal staircases were painted with house paint, which was cracking. Over several appointments, Eric scraped the old paint and painted it properly with Rustoleum metal primer, then paint. This affected the stairwells near units 220, 221, and 218.
Stain dock
Staircase handrails near #201, 204, and 220 were loose. Eric repaired these with proper anchor bolts.
Tree trimming (deferred stump removal, remove dead branches, dying trees, etc.)
Update solar foot lamps along waterfront

Enjoy a few more "before" photos, taken 2009-2012



Three of many electrical hazards fixed 2009-2012 (before photos, above and next two).




A stucco repair job in progress in the east parking lot.


Along with our annual tree trimming in 2010, we removed this old stump.


This wall sat like this for years, then it was completely renovated to look like new.


This was the worst stair tread, but we have replaced more than a dozen to date.

More Before and After Photos
- 2015 and beyond!



Ugly old fake grass carpet removed!


How the blue awnings look now, with cross beams removed!


Now fixed.


Now fixed.



Now fixed and painted.



Repairs and repainting continue!



A new look over on the east side!


This was a mess, now completely replaced!



The wooden stairs never were quite right. Now the gate is a fence and the stairs are two new sage bushes.


Stem walls in the 1143-1149 buildings were a mess. Now they're all repaired and painted.




Enjoy a few more recent photos of the landscaping:




Statement by Nori: "Real estate is a continuing thread in my life. Since 1989, I've taken care of a half-dozen residential properties, and three large commercial properties. When I got my real estate license in 2006, it was the culmination of seventeen years of experience. I was a Realtor for seven years, working in residential resale. During that time, I was a member of the education committee and legal committee at the local Realtor's Association. In 2010 I started my own real estate school, got my teacher's license, and started to teach at Mesa Community College. I also have a Master of Science degree from Western Oregon University (1992)."