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Betrayal of the Spirit

This section provides information about cultic groups, children who grew up in cults, as well as my own memoir, Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement.

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Graduate Work in Juvenile Justice

My master's degree in youth counseling and juvenile justice is from Western Oregon State College, now known as Western Oregon University, in 1991. I've posted my research, including my master's thesis.

Dream Studies

Dream content analysis, collecting and analyzing data from dreams, is my new line of research, beginning in 2016. This section also includes my dream art sketches, and the online dream class I taught for one hundred students at Virtual University years ago. The class covers dream symbols, archetypes, influencing dreams, gestalt dream work, art, journaling exercises.

1950s Capitol Records History

My father and stepfather worked for Capitol Records in the 1950s, around the time the Tower opened. This section includes 1950s recording technology   |   Capitol marketing practices   |   EMI   |   disk jockey payola and the Mafia   |   Hollywood Jaycees   |   musicians union
Capitol People: Andy Griffith   |   Bill Muster   |   Billy May   |   Bozo the Clown   |   Bud Frazer   |   Dick Rising   |   Frank Sinatra   |   Fred Rice   |   Glenn Wallichs   |   Jack Smothers   |   Johnny Mercer and Buddy DeSilva   |   Kay Starr   |   Keely Smith and Louis Prima   |   Les Paul and Mary Ford   |   Lord Buckley   |   Nelson Riddle   |   Patti Page   |   Perry Como   |   Perry Mayer   |   Stan Kenton   |   Steve Auld   |   Studs Turkel   |   the Beatles   |   the Four Freshman   |   Vic Damone

1956 Tower Opening: Press Release   |   Tour Guide Script   |   Capitol Tower Booklet
Other Capitol Documents: 1950s press releases   |   1940s Capitol News covers   |   Annual Report, 1959   |   Wrap-up 1955   |   Wrap-up 1956   |   Capitol Records Sales Report and Order Forms

Interview: A Good Life
Earl D. Horwitz discusses his eighteen years at Capitol Records, 1959-1977. Interview recorded February 28, 2010 (Earl died in 2012.)

Interview: Old Hollywood
Lucille Kennard talks about the old days in Hollywood, including her late husband's career as an agent, beginning in the 1950s. Paula Hassler and Lucille recall their lives as neighbors in a Hollywood apartment building on Grace Avenue. Interview recorded February 9, 2006.

Complete List of Everything

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