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Cultic Studies

I was in a fundamentalist Hindu-based group from 1978 to 1988, then left and studied the group for ten years. My memoir, Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement, came out in 1997. Since that time I've published multiple academic papers in the Cultic Studies field, and collected articles, books, and links to explain the cult phenomenon.

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Graduate Work in Juvenile Justice

After leaving the fundamentalist group, I moved to Oregon and earned my Master of Science degree in youth counseling and juvenile justice from Western Oregon University. I've posted my research, including my master's thesis.

Dream Studies

Beginning in 1986, when I was still in the guru group, I started to keep a dream journal. The journal now spans three decades with an estimated eight thousand dreams. In 2016 I learned about dream content analysis, collecting and analyzing data from dreams. This section also includes sketches from my dreams, and the online dream class I taught for one hundred students at Virtual University years ago. The class covers dream symbols, archetypes, influencing dreams, gestalt dream work, art, journaling exercises.

1950s Capitol Records History

My father and stepfather worked for Capitol Records in the 1950s, when the Tower opened. This section includes their history, and scans of the materials my father and stepfather left in their papers.

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