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Capitol Records History

1950s Capitol Days Interviews: recording technology   |   Capitol marketing practices   |   EMI   |   disk jockey payola and the Mafia   |   Hollywood Jaycees   |   musicians union
Capitol People: Andy Griffith   |   Bill Muster   |   Billy May   |   Bozo the Clown   |   Bud Frazer   |   Dick Rising   |   Frank Sinatra   |   Fred Rice   |   Glenn Wallichs   |   Jack Smothers   |   Johnny Mercer and Buddy DeSilva   |   Kay Starr   |   Keely Smith and Louis Prima   |   Les Paul and Mary Ford   |   Lord Buckley   |   Nelson Riddle   |   Patti Page   |   Perry Como   |   Perry Mayer   |   Stan Kenton   |   Steve Auld   |   Studs Turkel   |   the Beatles   |   the Four Freshman   |   Vic Damone

1956 Tower Opening: Press Release   |   Tour Guide Script   |   Capitol Tower Booklet
Other Capitol Documents: 1950s press releases   |   1940s Capitol News covers   |   Annual Report, 1959   |   Wrap-up 1955   |   Wrap-up 1956   |   Capitol Records Sales Report and Order Forms

A Good Life
Earl D. Horwitz discusses his eighteen years at Capitol Records, 1959-1977. Interview recorded February 28, 2010 (Earl died in 2012.)

Old Hollywood
Lucille Kennard talks about the old days in Hollywood, including her late husband's career as an agent, beginning in the 1950s. Paula Hassler and Lucille recall their lives as neighbors in a Hollywood apartment building on Grace Avenue. Interview recorded February 9, 2006.

Paula, the book
A photo book compiled by Nori Muster about her mother.

Paula and Bill's 1951 car trip to Mexico
Photos and travel diary (two years before moving to Los Angeles and going to work for Capitol).

Interview with Nori Muster
Nori talks about her parents, her writing career, and why she built the Capitol Records history website.


The Legendary Delta Queen, photographed in 2007.
Steamboats.com an online museum and research library dedicated to steamboat history.

Steamboating articles and photos published at Cruisemates.com:
Latest news on the Delta Queen Steamboat - 2017
Can Delta Queen return to river cruise passenger service in 2014?
Losing the Delta Queen Aug. 13, 2007.
The Delta Queen Fights Back! Nov. 2, 2007.
Steamboats Round the Bend April 3, 2009.
April 2012 Marks the Return of the American River Cruise Industry October 24, 2011.

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Graduate Work in Juvenile Justice
Differential Treatment of Females in the Juvenile Justice System   |   Analysis of [Juvenile Correctional Facility]   |   The Impact of Family Violence on Shaping Delinquent Behavior   |   Legal and Social Implications of Childhood Abuse and Delinquency   |   Research Article Critique   |   ISKCON as an Addictive Organization

Art Therapy with Juveniles A Four-Phase Treatment Design for Juvenile Sex Offenders - using art therapy - master's thesis (1991).

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Writing Workshop
Fiction Writing   |   Choose a Point of View   |   Find a Publisher   |   Break Writer's Block   |   Storytelling   |   Books on Writing

Book Reviews by Nori Satanic Verses, a novel by Salmon Rushdie   |   Mulholland Drive, a movie by David Lynch   |   The Sparrow, a play by House Theatre of Chicago (2007)   |   A Serious Man, a movie by Joel and Ethan Coen (2009)   |   Universalist Radha-Krishnaism, by Steve Bohlert   |   Modern Religions: An Experimental Analysis and Exposé, by Elliot Benjamin   |   and more.

Dream Workshop symbols   |   archetypes   |   lucid dreaming   |   synchronicity   |   reoccurring dreams   |   nightmares   |   dream journaling   |   remembering dreams   |   influencing dreams   |   improving sleep   |   writing from dreams   |   drawing from dreams   |   sharing the work of writers and artists who use dream images.

Find Me at the Gates sci-fi short story filled with dream images and archetypes.
Spiritual Summer historical fiction coming-of-age, set in an American Hindu ashram in Los Angeles.
Shady River pilot episode for a tv series - like Love Boat with a paddle wheel and darker central plot.

Betrayal of the Spirit - Nori's memoir on the Hare Krishna movement, where she was a member from 1978-1988.

International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) article index
Writing Betrayal of the Spirit: Autobiographical Writing As Therapy
Myth and Theme of Ex-membership
Authoritarian Culture and Child Abuse in ISKCON
The ABCs of Dangerous Cults
Book Review: Servant of the Lotus Feet, by Gabriel Brandis
Book Review: Modern Religions, by Elliot Benjamin
Essays at Surrealist.org for non-cult family members, former members, people abused in fringe groups, and people born or raised in a group: The ABCs of Dangerous Cults   |   Myth and Themes of Ex-membership   |   Post-Cult Guilt Art Therapy   |   Can Cults Change: The Case of ISKCON   |   Synopsis of Betrayal of the Spirit   |   Story Matters   |   ISKCON Timeline   |   Women in ISKCON   |   Child of the Cult [Kindle book]   |   Cult Survivors Handbook [Kindle book]   |   My Study of Child Abuse in Cults

Essays by Steve Gelberg, a former ISKCON member and graduate of Harvard Divinity School.

Hare Krishnans in the Movies at Youtube, compiled by Pratyatosa Das. ("I was in a couple of these movies, and am a moderator on the site. This is the light side of Hare Krishna, so get some popcorn and watch!" - Nori) Here's a link with all the clips listed in alphabetical order: HKITM.com.

More Writing by Nori

Kindle Books Learning to Flow with the Dao, Dreaming Peace, Positive Quotations, Cult Survivors Handbook, Child of the Cult, and Betrayal of the Spirit. These books are available on Amazon.com.

Muster Genealogy roots of the Muster family in America go back to Civil War hero John Muster (1830-1887).

Abstract Surrealist Art Gallery learn the story of Noriland  |   and see Nori's oil paintings and other artwork.

Natural Health
The Future of Health Care learn about the future health care paradigm: prevention through healthy diet, detoxification, bodywork, exercise, and mind-body psychology.
The Dao of Posture the author's statement about curing mild scoliosis and bad posture through naturopathic treatments.
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) natural treatment for vertigo.

Heal the Enviornment
Bioremediation911.steamboats.com oil and toxic waste bioremediation center   |   EPA approved products to clean up oil and toxic spills   |   bioremediation, phytoremediation, mycoremediation, and other phyto-technologies   |   research opportunities, books, manufacturers, contractors, and researchers.
4 Pillars of a Sustainable Future how to create a better future for our planet and ourselves.
Friendly Microbe Consumer Products pet supplies   |   pond and garden   |   home   |   health
Pray for Peace Foundation - affirmations for a better world, Four Pillars series, political blog and guestbook posts that go back to the 1990s, early writings on marijuana legalization.

Read your I-Ching Online thousands of visitors have used Nori's version of the ancient I Ching to flow with the Dao. First written in 1994, first posted on the Internet in 1998, now available as a Kindle publication.*

Real Estate Classes get your college credits online at Mesa Community College (each class is worth three units in business).

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