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Abstract Surrealist Art Gallery oil, watercolor, drawings, mixed media

I Ching Online online since 1998, thousands have visited to read their I Ching

Travel photos and info. on destinations worth seeing

Short Videos an index of my clips posted at Youtube

News Interviews my talks with the media

Amazon bookstore link to good books on writing, psychology, art, and steamboats

Book and movie reviews: Satanic Verses, a novel by Salmon Rushdie   |   Mulholland Drive, a movie by David Lynch   |   The Sparrow, a play by House Theatre of Chicago (2007)   |   A Serious Man, a movie by Joel and Ethan Coen (2009)   |   Universalist Radha-Krishnaism, by Steve Bohlert   |   Modern Religions: An Experimental Analysis and Exposé, by Elliot Benjamin   |   and more.

Writing Workshop - plot, point of view, find a publisher, break writer's block

archetype workshop lists of archetypes, myths, and themes

storytelling a statement about what makes a story, drawn from a longer essay

Cultic Studies articles published by the ICSA - link here to see my articles on the ICSA website

Hare Krishnans in the Movies hundreds of clips compiled by Pratyatosa Das. Here's a link at my site with all the clips listed in alphabetical order: HKITM.com.

Kindle Books: Learning to Flow with the Dao, Dreaming Peace, Positive Quotations, Cult Survivors Handbook, Child of the Cult, and Betrayal of the Spirit. These books are available on Amazon.com.

Real Estate Classes I teach real estate law, real estate finance and property management online through Mesa Community College (each class is worth three units in business).

Phyto-technologies my aggregation of links on the new technologies for a sustainable environment: bioremediation, phytoremediation, mycoremediation, and biodegredation.

Friendly Microbe Consumer Products pet supplies, pond, home, and garden, health

Link collections art books, artists and galleries, steamboat links, cult links, and more.

Positive thinking timeline trace the history of positive thinking back to ancient times.

Pray for Peace Foundation - affirmations for a better world, Four Pillars series, and my early writings on marijuana legalization.

Paddlewheel steamboat history I started building Steamboats.com in 1998, and it now has thousands of steamboat photos and a lot of history.

Collection of steamboat articles I've published at Cruisemates.com:

Can Delta Queen return to river cruise passenger service in 2014?
Losing the Delta Queen Aug. 13, 2007.
The Delta Queen Fights Back! Nov. 2, 2007.
Steamboats Round the Bend April 3, 2009.
April 2012 Marks the Return of the American River Cruise Industry October 24, 2011.

Genealogy - info. I've found and posted about my parents and ancestors (beyond Capitol Records history*)

Paula, the book
Paula and Bill's 1951 car trip to Mexico
Muster Genealogy roots of the Muster family in America go back to the Civil War

Natural Health
The Future of Health Care the new paradigm: prevention through healthy diet, detoxification, bodywork, exercise, and mind-body psychology.
The Dao of Posture my statement about curing my scoliosis and bad posture through naturopathic treatments.
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) my statement about curing vertigo through natural treatments.

Fiction - even though my thing is academic writing, I also have several fiction stories.

Find Me at the Gates futuristic philosophical sci-fi story.
Spiritual Summer historical fiction coming-of-age, set in an American Hindu ashram in Los Angeles.
Shady River pilot episode for a tv series - Love Boat with a paddle wheel and darker central plot.

main writing index - Cultic Studies, Juvenile Justice, Dream Studies, and Capitol Records

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