Betrayal of the Spirit:
My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement

by Nori Muster

Amazon product description:
"Combining behind-the-scenes coverage of an often besieged religious group with a personal account of one woman's struggle to find meaning in it, Betrayal of the Spirit takes readers to the center of life in the Hare Krishna movement."

From the Introduction:
"The significance of Nori Muster's book is that it represents a genre of religious literature that is too often lacking in our attempt to understand the religious traditions that surround us. . . . Muster does not lead the reader through sociological, psychological, or other such interpretive analyses to explain the movement or her involvement in it, but rather she offers an account o f her memory and understanding of the movement and her journey of faith." - Dr. Larry Shinn

To visit the author's website that offers help for ex-cult members and non-cult family, go to To read more cultic studies writing by Nori, go to

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