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Don Hassler did A&R for the musicians who played with Stan Kenton. They produced the Kenton Presents series. Here's a partial list of the albums:

Al Belletto - Al Belletto Sextet - Capitol T-6506 (1955); 6506 2-EP set (1954)

Serge Chaloff - Boston Blow-Up - Capitol T-6510 (1955)

Bob Cooper - Kenton Presents Bob Cooper - Capitol H6501 (10", 1954); 6501 2-EP set (1954); Shifting Winds- Capitol T6513 (1955)

Bill Holman - Kenton Presents Bill Holman - Capitol H6500 (10", 1954); HL6500 2-EP set (1954)

Boots Mussulli - Kenton Presents Boots Mussulli - Capitol H6506 (10", 1954); EP 6503 (1954); T6506 (1955)

Frank Rosolino - Kenton Presents Frank Rosolino - Capitol H6507 (10", 1954); EP 1-6507, EP 2-6507 (1954); T6507 (1955); Frankly Speaking- T6509 (1955)

Sal Salvador - Kenton Presents Sal Salvador - H6505 (10", 1954); EP 1-6505, EP 2-6505 (1954); T6505 (1955)

Claude Williamson - Kenton Presents Claude Williamson - H6502 (10", 1954);

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Other Capitol Album Covers

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Several Capitol albums by Louis Prima and Keely Smith.

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These three are definitely from Don's time period ('55, '56, '58) They are considered three of Sinatra's finest Capitol Lp's - and are great examples of the fine work from Capitol's art department which was the BEST!


When Sinatra left Capitol in '61 Capitol signed Vic Damone who was regarded as one of the finest singers technically in the business - beautiful voice but not as expressive or as interpretative as Sinatra.

Damone started on Mercury and then went to Columbia in the mid fifties, then signed with Capitol.

Damone was married to Diahann Carroll for a time in the 80's.


D.R. sent this in. He bought this Ballet Theatre Orchestra recording of Billy The Kid. He wrote:

It's an Australian pressing, but I've found images of American pressings online. It's also been released on CD as an EMI Classics release. I'd love to know who is responsible for the artwork - but there's no artist credit.

Editor's note: If anyone has info. about this album cover, please send it in!*

Further information: Mark Heimback-Nielsen Nori Muster, it looks like it was done by Donfeld, who is probably better know for his costume design for movies and television, including the Wonder Woman costume worn by Linda Carter. Donfeld's first job after graduating college was as a designer and art director at Capitol Records starting in 1953, the year this album was released. This cover has some similarities to some of Donfeld's costume sketches, especially the upraised hand holding the gun. Here is the info.posted at D.R.'s site - click here.

Capitol Ephemera


This 1959 Capitol record player is for sale for $75 at this URL: (no longer for sale), sent in by Matthew Lutthans - thank you!

From the ad:
OK, get out those old 60s records you could never throw away and hear then play again! This is a cabinet-mounted, three component hi-fi entertainment center: turntable, DeWald tuner and built in speakers. Typically seen in many homes of this period. AM, FM, Phono (16, 33, 45, 78 RPM). Needs some finish restoration and turntable and electronics restoration. You do or I can do for a reasonable sum. 117 VAC only. 33"W x 25"H x 18"D. $75.00. (0136022)

The rest of the items are not for sale, but check eBay!


A Capitol magnifying glass - looks to be c. 1966 from the albums featured. (Sent by Rob Green)


Serving tray from 1957 or 1958, from the dates of the Lp's on it. Made in Monterey, CA, by Couroc, 18" x 12". (Sent by Rob Green)


Capitol Records publicity photo, circa 1980.

Front cover of the Capitol News, May 1948, Vol. 6, No. 5.


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