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Capitol Records celebrated its 80th Anniversary in 2022*

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Interviews with My Parents
by Nori Muster

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My father Bill Muster worked for Capitol Records in the 1950s, when the Tower opened. My parents attended the opening and brought me. Don Hassler (later my stepfather), was a sales manager, A&R (artists and repertoire) representative, and tour guide at the Tower opening.

The interviews cover 1950s recording technology | Capitol marketing practices | EMI | disk jockey payola and the Mafia | Hollywood Jaycees | musicians union

Capitol People: Andy Griffith | Bill Muster | Playboy Jazz All-Stars | Billy May | Bozo the Clown | Bud Frazer | Dick Rising | Frank Sinatra | Fred Rice | Glenn Wallichs | Jack Smothers | Johnny Mercer | Buddy DeSilva | Kay Starr | Keely Smith and Louis Prima | Les Paul and Mary Ford | Lord Buckley | Nelson Riddle | Patti Page | Perry Como | Perry Mayer | Stan Kenton | Steve Auld | Studs Turkel | the Beatles | the Four Freshman | Vic Damone

More Interviews
by Nori Muster

Interview: A Good Life

Earl D. Horwitz (1921-2012) discusses his eighteen years at Capitol Records, 1959-1977. Interview recorded February 28, 2010.

Interview: Old Hollywood

Lucille Kennard (above, center) talks about the old days in Hollywood, including her late husband's career as a talent agent beginning in the 1950s. Paula Hassler and Lucille recall their lives as next-door neighbors in a Hollywood apartment building on Grace Avenue. Interview recorded February 9, 2006.

More pages related to Nori's mother, Paula Hassler:
Paula, the book a photo book assembled by Nori Muster for her mother.
Paula and Bill Muster's 1951 car trip to Mexico photos and travel diary. They traveled to Mexico in their new car two years before moving to Los Angeles and going to work for Capitol.
Freelance Writing - Paula's favorites out of the many hundreds of articles she's written and sold over five decades.
Paula's Ancestry Runge and Christiansen ancestors going back to the Battle of Leipzig, 1813.
Paula's 90th Birthday - a fun family reunion.
Paula Hassler 1927-2022 - obituary.
Paula's Memorial.


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