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Back Cover, Flaps, and Remaining Pages

The Paula book exists as a hardcover book printed by Apple through their iPhoto printing service. There is only one copy of the book, but my mother gave me permission to share it at our Capitol Records website.

The photos above show the cover and first few pages of the book. The photos below are the back cover and book flaps, then the remaining pages of the book. I have also included a transcript of the book, as well as links to my parents' 1591 road trip to Mexico, and Capitol Records.

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assembled by Nori Muster

Front flap:
This photo collection tells the story of our mother's life, and is presented to her on the occasion of her eighty-fifth birthday, May 13, 2012, which also falls on Mother's Day this year.

P. 1
PAULA book assembled by Nori Muster

Paula Runge grew up in Denison, Iowa, then moved to Boulder Colorado, and then to Chicago and New York. In Chicago at age twenty, she attended Patricia Stevens Modeling School and tried modeling, then worked as a cocktail waitress in the Sheraton Hotel New Horizon Room. She traveled for a year with the S.S. Water Follies in the Caribbean,* then returned to Chicago in 1949.

She married for the first time in 1950 and lived in California for twenty years, raising two children. After she and my father Bill Muster split up in 1970, she moved to Arizona to marry Don Hassler.

Living in Phoenix, she sold advertising and helped raise five teenagers. In order from oldest to youngest: Tom Hassler, Mindi Hassler, myself, Richard Hassler, and Bill Muster. When we were growing up, our mom drove a car with the personalized license plate AD GAL.

This photo collection tells the story of our mother's life, and is presented to her on the occasion of her eighty-fifth birthday, May 13, 2012, which also falls on Mother's Day this year. With Love, Nori

Paula was the oldest of three children, born May 13, 1927 to Martin and Ella Runge. Here are some favorite childhood photos, and (following page) her parents' 1924 wedding photo.

P. 7
In 1948, a reporter arranged a shoot of Paula modeling the New Horizon gown. The photo ran in the Chicago Tribune, and within a year, the management had her image etched into the frosted glass door of the lounge. When she returned from her travels with the S.S. Water Follies, the New Horizon Room welcomed her back.

P. 11
Mexico 1951
After marrying in 1950, Bill and Paula Muster worked for ACME Newsphotos in Minneapolis. In 1951, they took two weeks off to travel in Mexico. In 1953, they quit their jobs and moved to Los Angeles. Following are photos from the 1950s and 1960s in California.

P. 16
From 1970 onward, Don and Paula Hassler have lived in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun. Don is a musician and Paula is a writer and journalist. They now have seven grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. This photo is from an undated Christmas card from the mid-1970s.

P. 17
Hassler Family Reunion, Maui, December 2000
Eleven of these seventeen folks do go by, or have gone by, the name Hassler. Starting in the top row, left: Nori, Paula, Gail, Don, Richard, Heather, Trisha, Tom, Nate, Bill, Tina, Mindi, Tim, Sara, Jessica, Ashley, and Jennifer.

P. 18
Latest Photos
Don and Paula continue their love affair, celebrating their fortieth anniversary in 2010 surrounded by their many friends and relatives. The anniversary party included a dove release.

P. 20
Nearly all the photos are from my mother's scrapbooks. Apart from a few, Bill Muster took the photos from the late 1940s to late 1960s; the rest were professional modeling photos. I took the one on this page at the Lakes of Tempe, Arizona, Cinco de Mayo party, May 5, 2012. Erin O'Brien-Coe took the photo of the dove release and Tom Hassler took the photo of the Maui family reunion.

Back cover flap
Paula with her father, Martin Runge, in front of his Model A Ford, Denison, Iowa, 1927.

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