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On Apr 17, 2008, at 10:38 AM, Bob wrote:


I was rummaging around in my old "press clippings" and came across this Capitol relic which might get a chuckle out of the old timers. This would be from around 1959-60. It's a double truck Billboard ad that we (the Merchandising Department) put together to promote the Piltdown Men, a group which didn't exactly go down in musical history but did make the charts with a couple of novelty tunes. Actually they were pretty well connected. Wikipedia has a good background piece on the Piltdown Men if anybody is interested [click here for Wiki entry].

An award winner this ad was NOT but it does show that we were having way too much fun in those days. Our biggest problem was finding a model who would sink to our level of creativity. A couple of belts at the Knickerbocker didn't hurt.

Bob Sears

Piltdown Mate.

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