My Daughter Dresses Funny, by Paula Hassler
Arizona Republic, Sunday magazine, December 6, 1970

My mother wrote this article and a photographer from the Arizona Republic came to our house to shoot the photos. It was the first article my mother published in the Arizona Republic. She has published a great deal with them since then, including as a columnist and freelance writer.

The boys in the photo are Jim and John, who were my best friends throughout high school.* The girl is Irene. It was near the end of my first semester at Camelback High after my family moved to Phoenix when I was fourteen. It was a thrill to see our pictures in the paper, and I believe it made a splash with the other kids I was meeting at school. Recently, I asked my mom if she still had the article so I could post it to my site. Here it is, in full, as it appeared in print, in the Sunday Arizona Republic magazine so many years ago.

[Editor's Note: the shoes are authentic, the hand art is felt tip pen.]

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