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1950s Capitol Records History

My parents worked for Capitol Records in the 1950s. This section includes their history, information about the company, and scans of Capitol Records documents my late father and late stepfather left.

Cultic Studies

I was in a fundamentalist Hindu-based group from 1978 to 1988, then published my memoir, Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement, in 1997. Since that time I've published and presented papers in the Cultic Studies field, and continue to research the cult phenomenon.
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Graduate Work in Juvenile Justice

In 1991, I earned my Master of Science degree in youth counseling, psychology, and juvenile justice. My thesis is on whether to use art therapy with juvenile sex offenders. I've posted my graduate work, including my thesis.

Dream Studies

I've always remembered my dreams, and have kept a continuous dream journal since 1979. In 2016 I entered my journal into a dream content analysis study. My pseudonym for the initial blind study is "Beverly." The purpose of dream content analysis is to find statistical proof of whether dreams reflect our daytime concerns.


Fiction - even though my thing is academic writing, I have written several fiction stories.

Spiritual Summer historical fiction coming-of-age, set in an American Hindu ashram in Los Angeles. Written as a student in the Writers Digest Fiction Writing Workshop, 1990.

Find Me at the Gates philosophical sci-fi - my life if I had not written my memoir. Started in a Portland State University writing class, completed in 2007.

Shady River pilot episode for a tv series - Love Boat with a paddle wheel and darker central plot. Written and copyrighted in 2010.

Ornament of a Rock Star No More . . . or How I Killed Mickey Mouse a fictionalized story of my life at the Disney Cottages. Multiple versions of this manuscript exist, but I pulled it together to share in 2018.

Student Work Found writing from UCLA Extension Writers Program and Deb McColl's South Pasadena artist group.

jpg Paddlewheel steamboat history - I started building in 1998, and it now has thousands of steamboat photos and a lot of history.

What's Online at - published in the S&D Reflector.


Steamboat articles published at

Losing the Delta Queen
Cruise Mates, Aug. 13, 2007.

The Delta Queen Fights Back!
Cruise Mates, Nov. 2, 2007 [this article is offline]

Can Delta Queen return to river cruise passenger service in 2014?
Cruise Mates

Steamboats Round the Bend
April 3, 2009.

April 2012 Marks the Return of the American River Cruise Industry
October 24, 2011.
* News update - at the end of 2018, Save the Delta Queen legislation sailed through the Senate and House, and the President signed it. The Delta Queen Steamboat Company projects the boat will be back on the rivers in 2020.

jpg   Timelines

Editor's note: There's nothing like a timeline to put the pieces together, here are a few I've made . . .

Delta Queen Corporate Timeline - history of the Delta Queen Steamboat, including every time the ownership changed hands.

Positive Thinking Timeline history of positive thinking back to ancient times.

ISKCON Timeline history of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), 1965-1999, with an emphasis on treatment of children within the organization, including opening and closing dates of various schools.

Children of ISKCON vs. ISKCON Lawsuit the lawsuit, filed in 2000, and settled in favor of the children in 2008.


My collection of genealogy research.

Muster Genealogy roots of the Muster family in America go back to the Civil War. I also trace other branches of the family.

Paula and Bill's 1951 car trip to Mexico (my parents).

Paula, the book (my mother).


Book and movie reviews: Satanic Verses, a novel by Salmon Rushdie   |   Mulholland Drive, a movie by David Lynch   |   The Sparrow, a play by House Theatre of Chicago (2007)   |   A Serious Man, a movie by Joel and Ethan Coen (2009)   |   Universalist Radha-Krishnaism, by Steve Bohlert   |   Modern Religions: An Experimental Analysis and Exposé, by Elliot Benjamin   |   and more.

Interviews my talks with the media.

Oil, watercolor, drawings, and mixed media.

Photos from my travels.


Books: Learning to Flow with the Dao, Dreaming Peace, Positive Quotations, Cult Survivors Handbook, Child of the Cult, and Betrayal of the Spirit.


Learning to Flow with the Dao read your I Ching free at this site.

New Age


Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence

Secret Order of the Tarot

The I Ching's Message for Better Leadership

Predictions Articles

Small Steps and Compassion Lead to Success - predictions for 2020

I Ching Predictions for the Changes Ahead in 2021

I Ching Predictions for 2022

The Best Attitudes for 2023 from the I Ching

2004: A Pivotal Year Ahead - Advice from the I Ching

Published in Qi journal
2024: I Ching Reading for the New Year


Published in DreamTime magazine
Dream Interpretation with I Ching Analysis


Four Pillars Affirmations for Collective Problems

A Sustainable Future

World Peace in the Twenty-first Century

The Future of Health Care

The Pillars of Freedom

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Spiritual Use
Clippings from Pray for Peace News (1996-2001) on the spiritual use of marijuana; marijuana as a gateway drug, as a threat to organized religion, and the need to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana.


Writing from my thirties and forties
These are random bits that survived decades in a box of papers. Uncovered in 2022.


Political Blog
Archive of the long running Pray for Peace News blog (1996-present). At first the blog focused on peace in the war on drugs, but then shifted to presidential politics during the George W. Bush Administration. The blog continues as a platform for True Americans Indivisible and Surrealist News.

Natural Health
The Future of Health Care the new paradigm: prevention through healthy diet, detoxification, bodywork, exercise, and mind-body psychology.

The Dao of Posture my statement about working on my scoliosis and bad posture through natural treatments.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) my statement about curing BPPV vertigo through natural treatments.

Online Classes

Dream Workshop learn about symbols, archetypes, influencing dreams, dream art, and Gestalt dream work. This was the first class I wrote and taught online (Virtual University, 1998).

Writing Workshop - after teaching online for a year, I wrote this class based on the workbook from the Writer's Digest Fiction Writing Workshop. I also wrote an Archetype Workshop, with lists of archetypes, myths, and themes, and this statement about Storytelling, drawn from a longer essay.

Real Estate Classes I now teach real estate law, real estate finance, and property management online at Mesa Community College (each class is worth three college credits in Business). I got my dream job in 2010, and look forward to every semester.


Toxic Clean-up 911 an aggregation of links on the new technologies for a sustainable environment: bioremediation, phytoremediation, and mycoremediation.

Friendly Microbe Consumer Products pet, pond, home, garden, and health supplies.

Youtube Clips

Delta Queen Steamboat 2007   |   Iceland 2014   |   New Zealand 2011   |   Chile 2006   |   Colorado 2006   |   Mexico 2009   |   Zebra finches   |   Callie Cat   |   Storms in Phoenix   |   Train pulls into the Dorsey station, Tempe   |   Todd Rundgren at the Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, May 9, 2016.   |   Jim Ward and Carlos Alazraqui Sing If I Fell

Link Collections

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