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Projex, The magazine of EICHLER, Summer, 1961

Playtime Privacy (pp. 5-6)

Having an ideal home and yard arrangement where adults and children can enjoy their separate activities at the same time without one's disturbing the other is usually a difficult combination to achieve, but Mr. And Mrs. William Muster found it when they bought their Fairbrae Eichler home two years ago.

One side of the Muster house and yard is devoted entirely to their two children, a daughter, Nori, 5, and a son Billy, 2-1/2. Their bedrooms, separated by their own bathroom, run parallel to their lot-long play yard.

The fence separating the adults' outdoor area from the play yard is handsome staggered slat design through which the children can be seen from the kitchen and yard without losing the feeling of separation.

Children's parties are frequenly held in the Musters' yard where swings, teeter-totter and tiny picnic table are big attractions for the younger set in the neighborhood.

Mr. Muster, electronics firm executive, solicited professional landscapers to carry out their ideas for a clean-cut front and back yard. He spends about three hours each week keeping the plants and grass watered and neatly manicured.

Captions, p. 5 LEFT: Mrs. Muster enjoys children's back-yard parties. Hot dogs and cold lemonade are easy to serve and fun for the tots at small picnic table.
RIGHT: Children enjoying swing and sandbox.

Captions, p. 6 Billy and Nori have their own entrance to bath and bedrooms.
Playing children can be easily observed from the kitchen area through semi-open fence separating adults' patio from play yard.

More Eichler photos —in the backyard we had an orange sculpture that was like a 3D Mondrian artwork. A few weeks ago, my mother told me that the landscape architect they hired to do the plantings, also built the sculpture. They didn't even ask him for it, and it was a total surprise. My brother and I loved it and climbed all over it all the time. The yesterday, sifting through boxes of old photos, I found two pictures of the sculpture. That's me in 1961, with the sculpture. - Nori 8/21/2014

nori-eichler1   nori-eichler2

Found a few more photos of the house, starting with one of my little brother sitting in the living room.
- Nori 5/4/2015








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