Nori on the John Dayle Show, KFYI 910 AM radio, Phoenix, March 29, 1996, to discuss the Heaven's Gate mass suicide in San Diego.

Nori Muster Media Interviews, Talks, and News Clips

Psychology Today "Creating a New Culture of Dreaming," June 18, 2020
Cultic Studies interviews and panel discussions.
Dreams Studies panel discussions and presentations.
Shortlist Magazine "Inside the dark secrets of the Hare Krishnas," by Ralph Jones, an investigation into the history of ISKCON.
Discovery TV "Temple of Doom" documents the 1986 murder of Steven Bryant, an ISKCON member; one episode in the Discovery TV series, Deadly Devotion.
Discovery TV "Krishna Killers" documents the 1983 murder of Charles St. Denis, an ISKCON member; one episode in the Discovery TV series, Deadliest Decade.
National Enquirer "Vanna White's SECRET HEARTACHE" - story appears after her son joins the Hare Krishnas.
Delta Queen publicity to save a much-loved steamboat. an interview and award for Nori's first book, Betrayal of the Spirit.
Book Reviews a collection of Betrayal of the Spirit reviews, including Publisher's Weekly.
Freedom of Mind Steve Hassan's interview with Steven Gelberg and Nori Muster.
Children of ISKCON vs. ISKCON media coverage when the children of ISKCON filed a complaint against ISKCON for child abuse.
Arizona Daily Star & KJZZ FM Phoenix newspaper and radio coverage of a cultic group uncovered on the UofA campus in Tucson.
UC Santa Barbara Celebrating Research - links to Nori's papers at UCSB Special Research Collections.
Misc. Interviews newspaper, radio, and Internet interviews, 1990-present.
Prescott College 50th Anniversary Alumni Art Show, October 18 to November 19, 2016. Cubist Steamboat, by Nori Muster.
Los Angeles Times Reporter asked Nori to add a few words to the obituary for Sylvia Helfert, the longtime Disney Cottages landlord, July 6, 2016.
Birth Announcements Variety, the Los Angeles Herald & Express, and The Cash Box (just for fun!).
First Earth Day student film - Van Nuys Junior High celebrated the first Earth Day April 22, 1970.
Arizona Republic "My Daughter Dresses Funny," by Nori's mother, December 6, 1970.


by Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.
June 18, 2020
Read the whole article here: Psychology Today

Nori Muster's Dream Studies Page
A more personal, small-scale approach to dream-sharing can be found on the Dream Studies page managed by Nori Muster. Muster is a journalist and writer with a background in art therapy. Her personal website includes the domain, where she maintains a valuable page on dream studies. The focus is her collection of hundreds of personal dreams going back her time as a member of a violent, secretive religious group in the 1980's. She wrote about these experiences in a 1996 memoir Betrayal of the Spirit, and her dreams reflect what she endured during those years in harrowing detail. I have been fortunate to know Muster for several years and work with her on some of these projects.

The site also includes a selection of contemporaneous sketches that Muster made of images from her dreams. This artistic dimension in her dream journaling practice suggests that dream researchers will benefit from expanding their methodological horizons to recognize and appreciate the potential insights from expressive sources other than written texts.


Treating Cultic Abuse with Art Therapy
International Cultic Studies Association Annual Conference, online, July 3, 2021.

Unlocking Painful Secrets with Art Therapy
International Cultic Studies Association Regional Conference, Santa Fe, 2019

Panel: Former Member Guilt and the Path to Self-Forgiveness
With Nori Muster and Lorna Goldberg
International Cultic Studies Association Annual Conference, Dallas, 2016

Betrayal of the Spirit Memories
Interview with International Cultic Studies Association Executive Director Dr. Michael Langone, November 16, 2019.
The interview is in the ICSA Member Library, one of many resources available at Support Cultic Studies - consider joining! Use this link to find more recordings of events: Cult Stories at

Meet the Author! Interview with Nori Muster
Interview with Joe Szimhart, March 30, 2021


Dreams About God
Religious Research Panel
July 19, 2018
Association for Dream Studies, annual conference, Scottsdale
Nori Muster: Dreams of Ten Years with the Hare Krishnas (first)*
Dr. Shanee Stepakoff: Dreams of the Divine in a Woman from Young Adulthood to Late Middle Age (starts at 25:10)
Dr. Kelly Bulkeley: Dreams of Lucrecia (starts at 1:02)

FB Posts Presenter Network

School Dreams and Summary of the Dream Journal
Presented live on Zoom, June 16, 2021
Association for Dream Studies annual conference.*

Dream Art Gallery
NoriLand dream painting, Mount Rainier.
This is the fourth time Nori's dream art has appeared in the conference gallery, but this year they made the show a book rather than a live gallery. See the entire gallery, or skip to Mount Rainier on page 86, search for keyword "Nori"*


Investigative reporter Ralph Jones delves into the dark history of the Hare Krishna movement after spending twenty-four hours at a temple. Read article: Shortlist Magazine.



Temple of Doom, Deadly Devotion (series), Discovery TV
Docudrama describes the murder of Krishna devotee Sulochan Das (Steve Bryant) in Los Angeles, May 22, 1986. Nori Muster and Steven Gelberg appear throughout the documentary to discuss their recollections of the atmosphere in ISKCON when the murder took place.
Originally aired July 2, 2013 (only available by pay-per-view $3)
Youtube Amazon iTunes VUDU



Krishna Killers, The Deadliest Decade (series), Discovery TV
Docudrama describes the murder of Krishna devotee Chakradari (Charles St. Denis) in Moundsville, West Virginia, in 1983.
Originally aired December 18, 2017 - watch it for $1.99 on Youtube - click here.

Headlines: Vanna White's SECRET HEARTACHE - She loses TEEN SON to religious cult - 'Wheel of Fortune' beauty's PRIVATE HELL - Vanna White's son 'BRAINWASHED' Teen falls UNDER SPELL OF RELIGIOUS CULT - front page story published in the September 16, 2013 issue of National Enquirer. Click here to read the article.

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Saving a steamboat - In 2008, the Delta Queen Steamboat lost her exemption to run the American rivers. As a historic vessel, it does not meet modern standards for seagoing ships. However, because it is always a few yards from shore, and is upgraded with state-of-the-art sprinkler systems and other safeguards, it has always gotten the exemption before 2008. The boat is now going back into service, but things were dire back in 2008. Click here to read a handful of the many articles about saving the Delta Queen Steamboat.

An interview by that came out in 1997, when Betrayal of the Spirit was first published. Read interview.


Betrayal of the Spirit received's award for best-selling book in the Hare Krishna category. See a full-size version of the award: award.

Freedom of Mind Interview by Steve Hassan
Steven Gelberg and Nori Muster at the 2015 ICSA conference Stockholm, Sweden
Freedom of Mind Resource Center, published July 20, 2015 (Nori is second half of the interview.)
Watch the interview: Youtube

Nori has presented and written for the International Cultic Studies Association* since the 00s: Edmonton 2004, Denver 2006, New York 2010, Santa Fe 2013, and Stockholm 2015

Children of Krishna vs. ISKCON

When the children of the Hare Krishna organization (ISKCON) filed their complaint, Nori gave interviews to multiple news outlets. The lawsuit, Children of ISKCON vs. ISKCON, started in 2000 and was settled in the children's favor in federal bankruptcy court in 2008.

Child abuse in Krishna schools, by Kerri Hikida
Whole Life Times, Journal of the Holistic Lifestyle, December 1998
Whole Life Times

BBC Sunday Programme regarding ISKCON's move to file bankruptcy as its response to the lawsuit - February 10, 2002
BBC interview (transcript)

Boston Phoenix
Where have all the Krishnas gone? February 2, 2001

The Dallas Observer
Tortured Souls, by Mark Donald, December 06, 2001.

Portland Mercury News Murder, Sex and Free Food, by Frank Bures, 21 June 2001


Child Abuse Victims to sue ISKCON, "The Darker Side of ISKCON," by Arthur J. Pais, June 15, 1999

In search of a lost childhood, by Shanthi Shankarkumar, June 29, 2000

The Age, Melbourne Exposed: The Sins of the Gurus; Sidebar: Peace, Love, Tainted by Shame, by Martin Daly, Sunday 18 June 2000

More articles from the child abuse lawsuit: Gurukula Article Index.

Other ISKCON-related interviews from the 1990s and 00s (originals lost): USA TODAY, Los Angeles Times, BBC World Services Focus on Faith;; Glamour Magazine; W-Five TV (Toronto); San Francisco Chronicle; ABC TV News - 20/20; ABC radio; Associated Press; The New York Times; Religious News Service; Columbia Journalism School, Toronto Sun; Discovery with Josh Wagner (KKUP, 91.5 FM, Santa Clara, California); KOGO (News Radio 600, San Diego); Jupiter's Girl syndicated radio show, and interview with Kamalla Rose, columnist for the Global Sikh Daily News.

Star investigation: Tucson ministry a cult, former followers say
Arizona Daily Star
By Carol Ann Alaimo and Emily Bregel,, March 7, 2015

Follow-up articles (Nori not quoted in these):
UA asks church's campus recuiting arm for answers
By Carol Ann Alaimo and Emily Bregel,, March 12, 2015
Tucson church some call a cult is laying low
By Emily Bregel and Carol Ann Alaimo,, December 26, 2015

Here and Now, KJZZ FM, Phoenix, Arizona
Reporter Emily Bregel and Author Nori Muster Discuss Cults
By Steve Goldstein
KJZZ FM, March 11, 2015

Faith Christian Church update: Previously identified religious cult remains on campus, by Jake Toole, Arizona Daily Wildcat, April 2, 2019

American Religions Collection: Manuscript Collections
Muster [Nori] Betrayal of the Spirit Collection. ISKCON related materials. (ARC Mss 28).


Misc. Interviews: Radio, Students, Etc.

1990 radio interview
A radio interview from 1990, when Betrayal of the Spirit was just a manuscript, sitting in my drawer.

John Dayle Show, KFYI 910 AM radio, Phoenix, March 29, 1996, to discuss the Heaven's Gate mass suicide in San Diego [no transcript available].

Eliot Stein Show, national syndicated radio program, to discuss the history of the Hare Krishna movement, May 18, 1996 [no transcript available].

Dreams: Catharsis of Mind and Spirit
an Interview with Professor Nori Muster
by Nandini G., for Virtual University, 1998

Interview with a psychology student
A discussion about criminal cults, October 28-29, 2020

The Nature of Cults
A student asks Nori to elaborate on each point of his outline, May 13, 2002

2002 independent journalist in France
Interview with S.T. from France for her publication

Temple University
Nori Muster shares aspects of her life with a Ph.D. candidate at Temple University, investigating art therapy and cults, June 19, 2008

2010 interview for student
Twelve questions about cults from a student

The ABCs of Dangerous Cults
Nori Muster's answers to an interview sent in by high school students, Lauren B. and Valeria D., January 6, 2015

Former SD/3HO follower Kamalla interviews former ISKCON follower Nori Muster
A comparison of memories from ISKCON and SD/3HO, the Yogi Bhajan group, extracted from lengthy online discussions in 2016.

Birth Announcements (1956)





The First Earth Day, April 22, 1970
Student Film, Van Nuys Junior High
First Earth Day

My Daughter Dresses Funny, by Paula Hassler
Arizona Republic, Sunday magazine, December 6, 1970
Written by Nori's mother for the Arizona Republic
Photos by Arizona Republic staff photographer.
The story features photos of Nori and her high school friends.
1970article.html . See more essays Nori's mother published featuring her children, Nori and Bill - click here.



Nori Muster is a writer, researcher, and educator. She spent ten years trying to protect the honor of the Hare Krishnas in the 1980s. She left at the end of 1988 after acknowledging the organization didn't want its secrets known. Thinking the truth had to come out someday, she gave it one last try, her memoir, Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement (University of Illinois Press, 1997). In the 00s she published two more books about cults Child of the Cult and Cult Survivors Handbook.* She has a master's degree from Western Oregon University,* and is a licensed real estate instructor in the State of Arizona.*

Contact Nori